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The amount of spam (unsolicited e-mail) has risen in the last few months, particularry due to the spread of viruses that generate spam from users infected computers.

This situation has lead to several problems;
  • some ISP (Internet service providers) have heighten the level of security in order to avoid their servers been saturated of email traffic
  • some ISP have been placed in the "spammers" lists due to he rules of these list that will include servers as spammers when a certain level of spam traffic is detected. This has affected some of the mayor ISP in Europe as they are servicing millions of users who's computers have been affected by the virus

    There is no easy answer to the problem as in many cases we do not have control of the level of security applied between the sender of an e-mail, their ISP email server, several other email servers in between and you as receiver of the e-mail.

    As a user your best options are:
  • Download and install the latest patch from Microsoft Windows OS (operative system)
  • Use of an antivirus software, many of them free available (or with one year of use free like Norton antivirus )
  • Avoid opening any e-mail attachment if you do not know the sender of the message or if it looks deceptive like “Attached is your cheque of £1,000,000”
  • Create “filters” in your email software that will automatically delete or archive the message with a “suspected” text in the subject like “Re: Approved”
  • Unsubscribe to any unwanted e-mail list that looks "legitimate", unfortunately is not easy to differentiate and in some cases, the un-subscription process is used to confirm your e-mail address as valid
  • If you suspect a virus (or other commercial application like popup windows), has been installed, use both SpyBot (download free ) and Norton Scan disk,br>
    From our side there are 2 different directions we can take;
    a) increase our level of protection that implies that some "valid" e-mail risk to be blocked
    b) lower our level of protection that implies that you will receive higher number of spam e-mail

    We are constantly monitoring the situation but we need from you a speed and correct reporting of any problems regarding the e-mail you receive.

    Please report any problem as soon as possible;
  • for messages that are blocked, the sender must have an message reporting the error, please forward us the full e-mail message reporting the problem
  • for emails that are delayed, you should wait for the final error report
  • for emails that you have not received, but knows that the sender has an error message please ask the sender to forward the original message to us and any error they may have

    The correct address to report a problem is or If any of these e-mail addresses is causing the problem, please send the message to and phone our office.

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